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Lorry Rental

Lorry Rental Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Penang & Johor

The struggle of looking for a loading vehicle is quite stressful especially when you have bulky and fragile items during the move. House and residential move requires bigger and tougher vehicle to carry all the loads while safekeeping everything during the transport. Movers Asia understands that kind of need therefore we are here to render such service to our customers.

We offer our fleet of lorry at full disposal whenever we transact a scheduled move wherever in the country and its nearest regions. Our loading vehicle varies in sizes and you can freely choose what will suit best for you. Furthermore, all our vehicles are managed and maneuvered by professional and licensed truck drivers. It is guaranteed that all our transport procedures and your valuables are in safe hands.

Our services covers the area of Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Penang, Johor Bahru, Shah Alam and all other nearest region of Malaysia. Our team of professionals will reach you and deliver all your goods and personal belongings anywhere in the city.

5 Things to consider when renting a transport vehicle

Looking out for a credible and reliable loading vehicle is not as easy as others think it would be, inorder to help you out we listed down the top 5 factors you need to look out and consider in renting one.

  • Your items VS the size of the vehicle

The main reason you need to carefully choose the right vehicle for your move is your items and belongings to be transported. The size of the vehicle should goes well with the items to be loaded. Our vehicle range from 1 to 10 ton lorries from normal lorries to bonded container box type with or without tail lift. Nevertheless, we make sure that the client will choose the right one and we will also suggest if necessary.

  • Rental cost

As a customer, always live by the value of choosing the right product that will make you benefit most of your money not the other way around. In choosing a rental vehicle for you move, consider the rental cost and make sure that the price is just right for the type of vehicle and the service inclusions.

In moving with us, we always make sure that you will get your money’s value and we offer reasonable prices and on top of that we even provide 100% money back guaranteed service.

  • Length of usage

The rental period does matter in looking for a rental vehicle. The length of period, the number of trips and the booking dates of the vehicle. You need to look for company that will give you all your needs and that will cater your preferred schedule. With us, we are flexible to any terms and agreements you will have and able to provide the rental of our vehicle according to your timeline of usage. May it be for business usage or for home applications; we can have it ready for you in no time.

  • Condition of the vehicle

This should be the first thing to consider yet the most important of all. Don’t rent vehicles that were too rusty and too old for the job. You can’t rely your personal belongings to an almost-junk type of a vehicle whether it’s on a large discounted price. Always choose the best and efficient vehicle and don’t settle for less. Trans Mover just provides the high end and quality loading vehicles that will safely transport all your goods and items to your new location.

  • The Driver

The very last thing to look out for is the person who will maneuver the truck itself. Choosing the right vehicle doesn’t mean leaving the credentials of the driver behind. The driver does hold the wheels and he must be trusted, reliable and credible for the job. It is not wrong to ask for any credentials of the driver if it will make you certain. Our company does only employ certified and licensed truck drivers making them the best of the job and the right for it. You and your items are in safe hands whenever you let them do the job.

It has always been our top priority to meet your considerations above and to deliver lorry rental service that exceeds you expectations. We always live by the name that client satisfaction is the highest gratitude we could ever have. Whenever you have something need to be moved around, just call our lines and we will happy working with you. Call us now!






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